Working in Post23 animating some shot about the film Ender's Game.

Post23 is responsible for the sequence called "The Mind Game" inside the movie Ender's Game, working directly with Digital Domain, under the wing of Gavin Hood (Ender's Game Director) and Matt Butler (VFX supervisor). Our aim was to design and produce this full CG sequence with a combination of high standard visual quality with a big content of art and design.

:: Character design and development: All characters
:: Mouse animation and rig
:: Giant Animation and rig (based on Gavin Hood's performance)
:: Environment design, concept art and look development.
:: 3D development, animation, liquids, FX&simulation, lighting&render
:: Compositing and Grading.
:: Hair simulation, cloth, Character animation and Rig, by Digital Domain.

Developed by post23 and Vectorsoul, direction by Gavin Hood and Digital Domain.