Jordi García from post23 directs and supervises this new commercial for Cuétara Flakes, which stars the animated character Benito getting crazy while dancing to his new super pop hit. 
Cuétara (Nutrexpa) and Vinizius Y&R Barcelona awarded this new funny commercial to post23 and entrusted them with the entirety of production and direction. 

Client: Nutrexpa, Cuétara Flakes 
Agency: Vinizius Y&R Barcelona 
Production Company: post23 
Director: Jordi García 
Executive Producer: Sergio Jiménez 
Producer: Angee Marcazzan 
3D Supervisor: Bor Arroyo 
Editor: Pep Collados 
Lead Animator: Hector Muñoz 
Lighting Supervision: Bor Arroyo 
3D Generalist: Miguel Miranda 
Animators: Juan Couto, Arnau Solà, Natalia Vega 
Character Rig: Victor Vinyals